The Discovery And Creation Of The United States Of America

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America was built upon the dreams of many and has many layers to its story. It is a land built upon the “melting pot” theory, where the discovery of new cultures and societies, bringing their own languages, customs, traditions, religions and beliefs, made us who we are today. A country built on the ideals of freedom and liberty. But with any new idea, come the trials and tribulations associated with it. The discovery and creation of the United States of America was not exception to this rule.
The “New World” was not as new as originally thought. This land already had its original settlers, who crossed from Asia to North America using the now submerged land bridge some 15,000 to 40,000 years earlier. The Indian societies, both north and south, developed the land building roads, irrigation systems and trade routes.
In the fifteenth century, caravels and navigation tools such as the compass and quadrant made sailing along the wealthy African coast possible. (Foner, 14) As the search for gold brought more explorers, on the west coast, trade posts were established and sugar plantations were cultivated by slave labor, which was already established, for the Portuguese prior to the arrival of other Europeans. In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella provided financial support to Christopher Columbus for exploration of new worlds. That same year he discovered Hispaniola, an island in the Caribbean. It was Amerigo Vespucci who sailed the coast of what would become America.…

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