The Discovery Of A Wine Bottle

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Wrecked pirate ships, treasure maps and wooden chests sunken into the muck and mire of the ocean floor are considered things of legend, yet that which actually lies abandoned below the surface is unknown. What is deemed buried treasure is subjective left to the eye of the explorer and for this reason the treasures are endless. As a wine admirer, enthusiasts and follower I could imagine no grander a relic than wine recovered from another time. Something that appeared forgotten but was instead preserved for generations awaiting its final debut. I aspire to taste a wine that was aged in the sea. I aspire to try Mira winery 's ocean-aged 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. Perhaps solely a novel venture, but the imagery of a wine bottle encrusted with barnacles and sand fuels my sensory dreams. I believe one could transcend both time and space through drinking this wine making it a pinnacle wine tasting experience. In 1978 a magical discovery was made off the Savannah, Georgia coast by a professional diver, Bill Kinsey, from a sunken British sailing ship resting 30 feet below the channel. He recovered an entire case of 1800 Madeira that was quoted as being “inconceivably good” off the murky ocean floor . Further, in 1981 while searching for rumored sunken treasure off the Massachusetts coast two American divers encountered a wine stash 280 feet below the surface from the 1909 shipwreck of the RMS Republic. Upon collecting a few bottles of 1898 Moet and Chandon Champagne the divers
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