The Discovery Of African Slavery

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Slavery has been a controversial topic especially in the U.S due to the attachment that the country has on this matter. Over the cause of history, different group of people have been associate with this practice where by in most cases the weak communities are the one that are subjected to the slavery. The early centauries were particularly characterized with kingdoms attacking other smaller kingdoms and capturing prisoners who they later used as slaves in their own kingdoms (Blassingame 1979). The bible also have stories about slavery which proves that it was quite a normal practice for many years. Perhaps the most documented and exploited tale under this category is slavery in America which last for a number of centauries and so millions…show more content…
Factors that lead to the spread of slavery
Developmental factors played an important role in the spread of slavery since more and more people were shipped to the U.S in order to provide free labor. This meant that the country could expand its economic on the expense of the labor provided by the black slaves. As a result, slave grew tremendously in the U.S especially in the south since the farmers in that area need cheap labor to work on their farms. Other ideologies that lead to the spread of slavery include the belief that Africans were inferior to white. The white people therefore viewed slavery as a way for them to liberate the black people. Many conservative white people shared the view that by offering black people odd job and a chance to live among white people they could also be civilized as them (Blassingame 1979).
Significance of slavery in the U.S
Slavery spread immensely in the U.S than it did in Europe since America had a bigger market for slaves and Europe did not require cheap labor since it already had indigenous white labor. Slavery was therefore very significant in the U.S since not only did America have the highest number of slave supplies, slavery also lead to the Civil war which was the bloodiest was ever fought in the U.S. the civil war was triggered by the drift between the north region and
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