The Discovery Of Animal Magnetism Made Him Famous

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His discovery of Animal Magnetism made him famous. (Mesmer) He called his curing procedure, Mesmerism. (Mesmer) He had specific techniques to carry out his Mesmerism method. (Mesmer) In his method, he would go to each of his patients, tap them with a wand, and suggest that they turn themselves over to the magnetic fluids running through them. (Mesmer) He would then tell them that their cure relied on their ability to give their focus to the heavenly forces that lived in their sickly bodies. (Mesmer) By suggesting to his clients that their cure relied on their ability to focus on the heavenly forces within then, he forced them to dig deeper into the thoughts in their minds, into a state of what he called a Grand Crisis. (Mesmer) He claimed…show more content…
(History of Hypnosis, 2012) The sisters were admitted for “hysterical convulsions”; Elliotson saw the sisters as perfect candidates to test out his curiosity on whether or not mesmerism could actually treat nervous disorders. (History of Hypnosis, 2012) John Elliotson eventually started using them as public examples of his results of using mesmerism; Personality changes as well as singing and dancing at his command were displayed to the public as proof of his work. (History of Hypnosis, 2012) John Elliotson’s public display of the O’Key sisters left the public questioning the authenticity of their actions. (History of Hypnosis, 2012) Many of viewers thought that the entire performance was simply nothing more than just that, a performance. (History of Hypnosis, 2012) These controversies lead to his resignation from the hospital in which he was employed at. (History of Hypnosis, 2012) Shortly after he was forced to resign from the hospital, Elliotson marked his permanent territory 1849 in the history of hypnosis when he opened the London Mesmeric Infirmary. (History of Hypnosis, 2012) It was at the London Mesmeric Infirmary where he became famous for his practice of successfully using hypnosis for anesthesia and managing pain during surgery. (History of Hypnosis, 2012) British surgeon, James Esdaile lived from 1808 to 1859 and served his life as a surgeon performing hundreds of major surgeries and a thousand

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