The Discovery Of Antipsychotic Medication

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Since schizophrenia may not be a single condition and its caused are still unknown, current treatment methods are based on both clinical research and experience. These approaches are chosen on the basis of their ability to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia and to lessen the chances that symptoms will return. Antipsychotic medications reduce the risk of future psychotic episode in-patients who have recovered from an acute episode. Even with continued drug treatment, some people who have recovered will suffer relapses. Far higher rates are seen when medication in discontinued. In most cases; it would not be accurate to say that continued drug treatment "prevents" relapses; rather it reduces their intensity and frequency. The treatment of severe psychotic symptom reappear on a lower dosage, a temporary increase in dosage may prevent a full-blown relapse. (, National Institute of Mental Health The discovery of antipsychotic medication dates back to the 1940 's when researchers developed the first antihistamine drugs. The French surgeon Henri Lavorit soon discovered that one group of antihistamines, phenothizines, were used to clam patients before surgery while allowing them to remain awake. Laborite suspected that these drugs might also have a calming effect on persons with severe psychological disorders. There are also different types of therapy that can help a person will schizophrenia. They are Psychotherapy,
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