The Discovery Of Christopher Columbus

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Every schoolchild knows the famous quote “Fourteen Hundred Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. What most children aren’t taught is that Christopher Columbus left an extremely violent and tragic legacy that is not worthy of an annual celebration. Every year, America devotes a holiday to a man who tortured, raped and murdered innocent people. Granted, the expedition Columbus embarked on brought a whole new understanding of the world to the Europeans. However, Christopher Columbus cared very little about establishing trade routes and interacting with foreign cultures. Not only are Americans idolizing a man who was not actually the first to discover their country, they are celebrating a holiday that praises a man who is a murderer, a tyrant and full of greed.
It is known that Christopher Columbus was a talented mariner who navigated the famous “Santa Maria” and two other smaller ships across the Atlantic Ocean in search of Asia. Inadvertently, Columbus and his crew arrived in the New World for one clear objective, to find a long term source of wealth for the King and Queen of Spain. In return of these new riches, preferably gold, he would be rewarded with ten percent of the profits and governorship over newfound land (40). This objective soon turned Columbus towards a search for his own power. Upon first arriving in the Arawaks, Columbus made many observations regarding the indigenous people who had been there before him. After realizing the economic potential the…
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