The Discovery Of Coffee 's Coffee

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The discovery of coffee had changed the cultivation and the way of trading in the civilisation. Although the origin of the coffee is not clear but for sure coffee is wide spread around the world and is loved by billions of coffee drinker. The difference in coffee varieties, geographical location, climates and agriculture practices across the world has brought different sensory qualities to the coffee. This is because the flavour of coffee begins early in the plantation stage where flavour precursor forms as the coffee berries develop and ripe. For example, caffeine, a nitrogenous compound that influence bitterness of a coffee is higher in Robusta than Arabica due to the adaptation of growing environment in the wild. (,…show more content…
The origins and reactions make coffee flavour a complexity science to study and also explain why coffees exhibit such diverse, unique and specific flavours. (Sunarharum et al., 2004)
Sunarharum et al. (2004) summarised that coffee volatiles compounds consist of a wide range of chemical class like hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, ester, pyrazines, sulphur compounds, furans, phenols among others. Furans are one of the aroma active compound quantitatively high which show significant concentration found in roasted coffee and brew coffee beverage. Furans are usually formed through thermal degradation of carbohydrates, ascorbic acid or unsaturated fatty acid during roasting. The volatile exhibit malty and sweet roasted aroma with a relatively high sensory threshold but due to their high concentration, furans still show importance in coffee aroma. (Flament, 2002) Roasting coffee beans also produced furanones, mainly by Maillard reaction and other side reaction. (Gloess, et al., 2014) Furanones in roasted coffee are as abundant as furans which shows significant volatile properties and sensory potency. As seen in Coffee Flavour Chemistry (2002), 3-Furanone is one of the furanone commonly found in roasted coffee and is responsible for the intensively fruity jam-like and sweet caramel aroma. (Akiyama, et al., 2007)
Pyrazine derives during coffee roasting where Maillard reaction

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