The Discovery Of Economy Essay

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It is a pristine tradition that much matters to a nation, when it comes to issues irrelevant to human development. Speaking in terms of reality, the economic boom of a nation is what human development all about.

Now let us profoundly analyze what exactly is the economic boom of a nation. As we begin our analysis, it is highly important for the reader to be enlightened with the fact that it is necessary to think the right way if he has to understand this immensely valuable message. The reader will have to discredit all economic and political concepts and thoughts in considering the planet earth as a single nation and its people as just its citizens with no individual nationalities. Thinking this way alone can make this message more
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We are the sole root-cause for the bias in the standard of living in the USA with that of Nigeria or Somalia or any other impoverished region of this earth.

According to the modern concept and thought, every one of us is keenly interested to know how nature has created us and how the universe came into existence but none has ever tried to wonder at the interrogative word 'why'. Why has nature created us together on a single planet, why not Blacks, Whites, Asians, the Yellow race and the Semitic race, each on a different planet? It was the duty of the dynamic and charismatic leadership of this world to teach humanity how to peacefully co-exist and mutually live on this earth as unified, uniform and united body of humanity. Was it not possible for the nature that devised everything in order, to create life on other planets in our planetary neighborhood? With these questions on our minds we can easily arrive at a conclusion that we the citizens of the nation ‘earth’ are a single nation and one family. The cream of this world’s entire human layers, masses and races irrespective of nationality or religion were destined to demonstrate the planet earth and its people from any nook and corner of its expanse that they are its citizens, the earthlings.

It’s time, I think,
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