The Discovery Of Ekofisk Oil Field

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The Ekofisk oil field is one of the offshore giant oil field of the north sea with an estimated 6.9 billion barrels of original oil in place. It is located at Block 2/4 in the Norwegian part of the North Sea which is about 300 kilometers southwest of Stavanger. Ekofisk has a few licensed owners namely Total E&P Norge AS (39.90%), ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (35.11%), Eni Norge AS (12.39%), Statoil Petroleum AS (7.60%) and Petoro AS (5.00%) with ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS as the operator of the it.

The discovery of Ekofisk oil field was announced in December 1969. The discovery was a turning point for oil exploration in the North Sea as it gave hope to the oil industry. Although the exploration in the North Sea was triggered by the discovery of the giant gas field, Groningen, but the effort in search for commercial oil rapidly declines after drilling over 200 exploratory well. Since then, most of the oil companies consider exploration in North Sea is infeasible or even impossible as the environmental conditions in the North Sea was harsh due to the strong gale-force wind, treacherous water depth and high tidal waves. Those who endured the misgivings of others prevailed and discovered Ekofisk oil Field.

Fig 1- the location of Ekofisk

History of the field

In the year 1977, a blowout occurred on “Bravo” production platform of Ekofisk during maintenance. The blowout occurred due to a misplaced blowout preventer. This cause approximately 202380 barrels

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