The Discovery Of Gene Therapy

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The word science comes from the Latin word "to know" (Science Made Simple, 2014). In
1953, Watson and Crick discovered one of the biggest mysteries of the human body; the DNA double helix (Nobel, 2014). The discovery reshaped biology and the way scientists viewed how biological information was stored and processed (Nobel Prize. org, 2014). Once the double helix was discovered new information about genes and protein synthesis quickly followed
(NLM, 2014). This new knowledge about genes made scientists look at the biological processes in new ways (Nobel, 2014). One of the biggest breakthroughs was the development
Gene Therapy. This paper will demonstrate how Gene Therapy is an important step in revolutionizing medicine and treating disease. It is believed that Gene Therapy holds the key to permanently curing disease.
Gene Therapy Researchers have been trying to find new ways to cure disease for centuries. Gene Therapy seems to hold the key to make this a reality. Gene Therapy is still in its early stages and is still considered an experimental technique (NLM, 2014). Yet it holds the ability to treat and prevent disease (NLM, 2014). The procedure uses a corrected gene and inserts it into a person instead of using drugs or surgery (NLM, 2014). There are different techniques of Gene Therapy which could include replacing mutated genes with healthy genes or even introducing new genes into the body to help fight disease
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