The Discovery Of Gold And Australia

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The discovery of gold in Australia dramatically changed the course of our steadily developing country. The gold rush massively impacted every aspect of the nation, although not all these changes were positive. With the gold rush came the introduction of more diverse culture, increased population and infrastructure. Before the 1850’s, Australia was a prison colony meant as a punishment for convicts of the British. However, in just the fifty years after the beginning of the Australian gold rush, Australia became an independent country. From a wilderness inhabited by convicts to a free and federated nation in less than half a century. Without the gold rush, our society wouldn’t be what it is today. The discovery of gold sparked a massive influx of immigration to the still forming country of Australia. During the very early years of the gold rush, NSW and Victoria were the centre for gold mining and attracted thousands of hopeful diggers. This rapid introduction of new people had many impacts on Australian society. People came from different points of the world to mine on Australia 's gold rich fields. The majority of were British but many others came from Germany, Italy, France, China and even America. This created a rich multicultural melting pot that would forever forge a highly diverse population. A repercussion of a sudden influx of multiculturalism was the targeting of a group of foreigners that attracted particular attention. These were the Chinese; as their numbers began

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