The Discovery Of Gold And The Powder River

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With the discovery of gold in the Powder River in the Sumpter Valley, prospectors from all around began their journey into the valley to see if they could make a profit. In 1935, the construction of the Sumpter Valley Dredge was underway, and one of the last gold dredges manufactured to work the river until it’s decommissioning nearly twenty years later. Sticking out from the dredge’s structure is 72 enormous one-ton buckets carrying loose rock back into the interior of the dredge. The Sumpter Valley Dredge is an excellent example of a preserved object for its historical significance. An object can consist of any physical structure with moving components that is functional, has artistic qualities, relates to the heritage of the nation, scientific advancements, or took part in a historical event. Once completed, only then can objects be eligible for preservation. Unlike objects, buildings have slightly different guidelines to meet for historical preservation. When surveyed, an examination of the structure is imperative for its involvement with historical events and people such as in the case with the preservation of Saint John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. This site is the location where famous Anti-Federalist and historical Governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry gave his famous speech where he exclaimed the phrase “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” With the church’s direct connection to the historical event and Patrick Henry, the structure was given National Landmark
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