The Discovery Of Gold Rush

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The westward expansion of the United States in the 19th century and the astonishing success of that expansion can be traced back to the discovery of gold. The California Gold Rush was an event that forever changed the West and sparked the dream of endless riches for many Americans and people worldwide. The year was 1848, and a man by the name of James Wilson Marshall, while working on the construction of a mill, came across nuggets of gold at the base of the Sierra Nevada in the Sacramento Valley. Wilson and his employer, John Sutter made attempts to keep their discovery a secret but soon enough the news got out and spread like wildfire. It wasn’t until 1949 that people from all over made their journey to California to have their share in the riches of gold. There were two main means of travel for those who wished to take part in the gold rush, both were of month’s travel, six to be exact. One method included a boat voyage down the tip of South America while the other offered a treacherous travel through the wilderness of the mainland. Both were extremely dangerous and expensive. Those whose dream of riches that made the trip to the California became known as 49ers as in that year, and those following, caused an enormous influx of population as hundreds of thousands of people flooded into mining towns. The Americans who made the trip came with an idea that they would make it big due to the over exaggerated newspaper articles that at most times boarded on fantasy. The 49ers
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