The Discovery Of Mars Bars

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Source #1: Mars Bars are chocolate bars created and sold by Mars, Incorporated and share their name with the Roman god, Mars. Their most popular slogan, “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play,” states that the bars are suitable and strong enough to endure a whole day of hard work, but are also for relaxing. The Roman god Mars is symbolic for strength and war, so the link between the two on strength makes sense. As a result, in the fight against all other brands of chocolate bars, just like Mars who is always victorious, Mars Bars will place first. To summarize, the connection between Mars Bars and the god of war, Mars, creates a powerful and intimidating, yet attractive image of the snack. Source #2: PANDORA is a jewelry brand known for their charm bracelets and is an allusion to the first woman of Greek mythology, Pandora. Aphrodite, Apollo, and several other gods/goddesses bestowed gifts on Pandora, which means "all-gifted." In their choice of name, PANDORA is saying their items embody various attractive characteristics, such as beauty. Although Pandora had several great attributes, her curiosity led her to open a box, releasing evils into the world. PANDORA’s slogan, “Unforgettable Moments”, suits Pandora as well, since no one can forget the result of the box. It is also quite ironic that PANDORA sells charms that represent “friendship”, “affection”, and so on, as it contrasts with the acts of Pandora from the myths. To wrap up, although PANDORA may have a
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