The Discovery Of The Americas

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The discovery of the Americas has impacted the events of world history since Columbus attempted to sail to India in 1492. This voyage would spark a hunger amongst European powers for land and natural resources. It would also allow for religious ideas and scientific discoveries to spread outside of Europe into far and distant lands that had no knowledge of something like Christianity. The discovery of the Americas also impacted countries that had nothing to do with the actual discovery of the Americas. Those countries uninvolved in the discovery were impacted by the goods brought back from America. These goods along with the discovery of the Americas would fuel the world trade machine for the next few centuries. The discovery of the…show more content…
(Tignor, 543) Jesuits saw the discovery of the Americas as a chance to further spread their religion to people who would have never known about Christianity. However, the Jesuits were interested in scientific ideas as well as religion spreading so the Jesuits, while destroying native religious symbols for Christian ones, recorded and stored information on the native’s language and demographics. (Tignor, 543) Specifically, French Jesuits recorded dictionaries and grammar accounts of the Iroquoian language. (Tignor, 544) Jesuits would have seen the discovery of the Americas as a positive thing because it allowed them to spread religion and write and record information that would have been written into European languages. Nevertheless, some Christian missionaries, including the Jesuits, saw the Americas and specifically the natives as a problem because the natives would never fully convert to Christianity, but the natives would instead mix native spirituality with Christianity and God so Christianity was not a replacement, but rather an additive to native religions. (Tignor, 544) Another problem faced by the Jesuits was the natives’ custom of assimilating captive groups into their societies so some European colonists ended up adopting native dress and culture and these Europeans did not
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