The Discovery Of The Bahamas

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As far as I can recall my existing knowledge from kindergarten to high school, Columbus has always been described as a heroic figure who overcame countless obstacles fearlessly and finally found the “New World.” For a long time, there were numerous authors, poets, and painters praising Columbus’s legendary journey and his extraordinary contribution to mankind. However, after reading “The Discovery of the Bahamas,” the sailing logs written by Columbus, I figured that Columbus may not be such a man who is worthy of all the praises. There are two literary works related to the subjects. The painting, “Christopher Columbus at the royal court of Spain,” was created in 1884 by Václav Brožík, and depicts Columbus requesting, from Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand and groups of courtiers, funding for additional voyages. The poem, “Prayer of Columbus,” written by Walt Whitman in 1874, expresses Columbus’s praise of God for all his achievements, believing that God would still be on his side even though he had been through all the sufferings. While Brožík’s painting creates imagery, directly expressing Columbus’s ambition by his posture, and implied Spaniards’ eagerness of power and building empires with the reactions of Queen Isabella I and Ferdinand V and a gathering of courtiers, Whitman employs repetition and religious iconography to create a sharp contrast between Columbus’s fearless, unconquerable mind in his early life and his helplessness at the end of his last voyage.
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