The Discovery Of The Earth

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Everyone always says that the Universe is huge; infinitely big, they tell us, so big that even the most powerful telescopes that human-kind has made can 't even come close to showing us half of it, let alone the entire thing. Of course, we 've certainly come along way from thinking we were the center of the Universe, though now scientists say we 're closer than we ever have been before. We started on Earth, a small planet, really, in a small galaxy that no-one had ever heard of before. Then, when the Earth died, humans moved away. Some boarded the space-carriers bound for the colonies on Mars, others took the long-haul to another galaxy entirely, where a planet so similar to Earth had been found that they started calling it "New Earth." Both of those expeditions were apparently short-lived. Mars didn 't sustain life nearly as long as had been projected, and New Earth suffered a similar fate to the original. Luckily for the human race, people saw it coming. They moved out yet again, looking for other life-sustaining planets, and that 's when they first ran into aliens. Well, we say it was the first time. It 's common knowledge these days that aliens had been coming to Earth and the other places humans inhabited for ages before that fateful day. But our history classes would have us believe that this was the first human interaction with extraterrestrial life forms. The aliens showed us to a planet with all the proper elements needed for humans to exist, and even showed us
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