The Discovery Of The Earth

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While there are eight currently known planets in the solar system, there is a planet which lies between Earth and Mars that remains unknown to the humans on Earth. It is possible that this planet exists in a blind spot of Earth, prohibiting the humans from seeing it. This planet is known as Crasius, and its inhabitants are referred to as Crasiens. It is still a mystery how the moon was formed. While there are a few theories, new studies support the theory that states the moon was formed from debris from a collision between the planet Earth and a rock which is thought to be about the size of Mars about 95 million years ago. This is known as the Giant Impact Hypothesis. While this theory shows us how the moon was created, it doesn’t indicate what happened to the rest of the debris, which formed the fictitious planet of Crasius. Much like the moon, Crasius also has a small iron core, which only makes up one to two percent of its mass. In addition to iron, it also contains various amounts of sulfur and hydrogen. However, Crasius has a much thicker mantle than the moon, running 2,000 miles thick, compared to the moon’s 825 miles. The thick mantle is due to the repetitive eruptions of the many now inactive volcanoes on Crasius early on in its existence. The crust above the mantle is 100 miles thick, with a large amount of damage on the surface from the initial impact, which jolted it loose from the Earth. Similar to other planets in the solar system, the terrain on Crasius is
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