The Discovery Of The Everett, A Natural Born Adventurer

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Expedition 3.5 Renegade Everett, a natural born adventurer. Then he was just a child pretending to be an astronaut with his friends, now he is the captain of The Smoke, a rocket ship destined to land on Mars. After Captain John Black and his crew disappeared on the third expedition to Mars, a new and secret mission was sent out to investigate their disappearances. Welcome to Expedition 3.5. The Smoke left from an isolated desert in New Mexico on May 17th, 2000. There were no hugs or goodbyes. Specialists from every field you could think of-psychology, geography, agriculture, biology, engineering-were present on the ship to make up a crew of fourteen men. The crew was given no choice, either go on the mission or be killed so the…show more content…
A small woman stepped inside, “Sorry Captain,” she cringed as he groaned. Renegade was a tad bit annoyed, his serenity had been interrupted and unfortunately, the pointless scenarios he was playing in his head had vanished. “What is it?” he mumbled. The woman straightened her posture as she leaned against the chrome doorway, “Um well we’ll be landing soon. Your presence has been requested in the command room.” Notes of excitement could be detected in her voice and it was quite obvious that she was trying to conceal them. “Thank you Lux, let them know I’ll be there in a minute.” As Renegade walked into the command room it was buzzing with activity, almost like what he imagined the inside of a brain to be like. Men with clipboards rushed back and forth from the room like nerves, connecting the rest of the body with the newly discovered information and eliciting excitement. Through the enormous glass window on the bow of the ship Renegade could make out Mars, they would be arriving in minutes. The rocket landed on Mars’ surface in the middle of the night so, Renegade ordered the crew to stay on board until morning. He was back in his cabin, once again staring out the window. The rocket had a few exterior lights, and they shined upon the red rock ground of the planet. From what Renegade could see it looked as if the martians, or whatever creature lived here, had left in a hurry. There were an assortment of items askew
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