The Discovery Of The Movie ' Orion '

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It was night, Orion looked at Crota’s unmoving corpse as it lay still in the dark area. It had been 20 years since Eris had returned to tell the tale. She had told of the Darkness arriving on the moon and creating an army of Hive who had destroyed countless worlds. She had told how she and five other guardians had travelled to the moon and descended down the deep pits of the Hive nest.

The story kept going as the guardians arrived at an open area called the Hellmouth. Then the God of the Hive, Crota Son of Oryx appeared. Crota moved in and killed all the guardians except for Eris. That ended the story.

After the fall on the moon 20 years later, six other guardians went back to the Hellmouth and killed Crota. It all started when a little robot called a ghost told a guardian named Orion that he was destined to kill Crota and bring peace to the universe. As Orion travelled through the Moon, Venus and Mars, he encountered many of Crota’s minions: The Eyes of Crota, The Fist of Crota, The Hand of Crota, and many others. After freeing most of the universe from Crota’s grip, he was told to go to the moon and kill Crota. Many guardians around the Cosmodrone were called to arms to fight. Only five came.

As the guardians assembled to take flight to the moon, Eris warned them of Crota’s power and told them the only way to kill him was with his own sword. Soon the guardians left for the moon. After they landed on the moon, they descended down to the

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