The Discovery Of The Museum Curator

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Becoming the museum curator is an important title, they pick and choose the 5% of the total art, the museum has to be viewed by the public. The curator must be wise and make exhibits that flow as well as get the point across to the visitors coming to see the museum. Curating this exhibit, I have chosen three works of ancient Greek art that will tell a story and inform visitors about three of the most well-known Greek gods. A statue of Zeus from the first A.D, a Kylix of Hades and Persephone, and the Chariot of Poseidon. This collection of ancient Greek artwork shows the sons of the titan Chrono’s, and it depicts them in their natural habitat.

Hades is the oldest of the titan Cronus sons and best associated with Satan from the Cristian religion. Hades was supposed to inherit all of the lands above, but with an unfortunate draw of the straws with his brothers Poseidon, and Zeus. Hades was bound to the land down under known as Hades. For the exhibit the museum has chosen a wonderful ancient Greek Kylix, this depicts the daughter of Zeus and goddess of harvest/ Queen of the underworld Persephone, and the king of the underworld Hades. “Hades and Persephone banqueting. On a long couch of which the legs are partly seen, Hades, supporting a large keras on his left, holding up a fluted phiale in his right, reclines to right, leaning on two embroidered cushions”. This artwork depicts the love of the cold blooded god of the underworld and his beautiful wife. Hades actually fell in

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