The Discovery Of The Network Devices

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1. Describe the steps you would take to determine the needs of the organization (the discovery of the network devices) As a consultant that was brought in to determine the needs of the organization, the primary starting point is content discovery. The art of content discovery is to get an understanding of the business, its network structure, organizational requirements and the resources that are available. Because the number one rule in all problem solving manifests, is first to know and get an understand the problem, the problem that you are tasked with or trying to solve. Therefore, the first element of content discovery is to get an understanding of the organization. Who is the company, what industry do they operate in, what services or products do they provide, what is their mission statement, what are their daily operations, are many of the questions that needs to be answered, often times before the job starts. The second element is to understand the organization from an internal point of view. It starts with understanding the structure of the organization, getting a high-level organization chart to help determine the divisional structure of the organization, their communication methods, the Service Level Agreements that they have in place, and their geographical profile in order to know whether there are additional sites in other regions. The next step within the second element is to get the structure and technical level of local and remote IT divisions, their
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