The Discovery Of The Polio Vaccine

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Ashley Anderson Professor Giunta CHS 113-01 23 April 2017 In this term paper the discovery of the Polio vaccine will be discussed and broken down into deeper thought on why and how it was discovered. Poliomyelitis is an infectious disease that reached epidemic levels in the mid twentieth century. People that were unfortunate to receive this disease faced hardships including fevers, sore throat and vomiting(Allaby). These are just symptoms but Polio can be a vicious disease leaving their patients paralyzed. The majority of people who are diagnosed with Polio don’t get paralyzed right away or die suddenly. The symptoms are very similar to any other sickness and people who are newly diagnosed do not…show more content…
These other scientists include Thomas Francis, Jr. who Salk worked with for a year in microbiology and resulting in Francis isolating two types of influenza virus(Allaby). Microbiologist John Enders,virologists Frederick Robbins and Thomas Weller all influenced Salk to find the breakthrough he so desperately needed. Both virologists grown viruses in tissue taken from a living organism using penicillin to keep the object free from infection(Allaby). This was a breakthrough for Salk because he copied their procedure and used viruses from the spinal cords of polio patients and grew them in another object to test on(Allaby). Jonas Silk has always been involved with medical science throughout his entire life. He attends and graduates in surgery from the City College of New York. In 1938 when Salk works with Thomas Francis he was introduced to finding the influenza vaccine(Allaby). This is the event that made Salk interested in finding out more about viruses and urges him to want to find a vaccine for a disease. Salk ended up working on a influenza vaccine at the Virus Research Unit of the University of Michigan School of Public Health(Allaby). From working on the influenza vaccine Salk had the opportunity to become the head of the virus research laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh in 1947(Allaby). This is where and when Salk decides to begin his work on the polio vaccine. The testing Salk produced with the Polio virus in the spinal cords, they revealed that there

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