The Discovery Of The Praeneste Fibula

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Fibula Praeneste The Praeneste fibula has been the center of controversy amongst scholars since it’s initial presentation of discovery on January 7, 1887. There have been debates over the authenticity of the inscription ranging from the unique language and grammatical features to undetermined discovery site. The artifact has been estimated to origin from around the 7th century B.C., but there are scholars who argue the artifact is a forgery dating from the 19th century. The inscription uses lettering that resembled early Etruscan and Greek inscription from around 7th century B.C. The Praeneste fibula is an early indication that other Italian languages influence on Latin in a frontier city such as the early Praeneste. In more recent years, scholars have used a new scientific method to perform an in-depth examination of the inscription to determine the origin date. The results have determined that the Praeneste fibula is in fact authentic and dates to 7th century, which is well before the believed forgery was produced. To understand the controversy that has plagued the Praeneste fibula, one must look into the details of the artifact and unique features of the inscription. The Praeneste fibula is a gold brooch, which was reportedly found at Praeneste in 1871. Either men or women could have used the fibula as a means of holding together clothing garments. The artifact was alone, but is assumed by scholars to be a part of an entire outfit because of the valuable nature.

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