The Discovery Of The Secret Of Life

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Rosalind Franklin was a scientist who died before she realized and received recognition for her work with DNA. DNA was still a mystery in the beginning and the growing age of science and technology. There are also the ongoing world wars and the potential of future wars, which brings up the necessity of learning about DNA to treat viruses and diseases that may become contracted by soldiers. There is also the necessity of learning about DNA for genetic and hereditary purposes. DNA is the secret of life. However, it was not until Franklin came along did we have a better understanding of it. Rosalind Franklin died before the Nobel Peace Prize for the discovery of DNA was awarded. Had she been alive, Franklin being awarded the prize would have been justifiable, as she demonstrated the knowledge and research essential in understanding deoxyribonucleic acid. Rosalind Franklins’ work on DNA was just, if not more, essential in discovering the mystery of the secret of life. Her x-ray photo reveals a double helix structure and she also discovered the A and B form of DNA. She worked through adversity of being a female in a boys’ club atmosphere and made remarkable findings that were ultimately stolen. Someone had open the door to discovery after finding an infected molecule could infect a harmless one. She adapted to a new lab with antique technology and made remarkable success. Before her DNA, was thought to be simple. Watson and Crick started with the wrong structure of DNA from
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