The Discovery Of The Staircase

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Humans are instinctually curious animals due to their frontal lobe, which causes higher thinking and a desire for knowledge. The desire for knowledge and higher thinking often leads people to travel due to the possibility to gain new experiences and discover something new. The mystery behind certain iconic tourist sights that are brought to light through photography often intrigues and sparks curiosity in humans with the promise of new knowledge and discovery. The Miraculous Staircase of Saint Joseph in the Chapel of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers mystery through the unknown and unexplainable questions that have risen throughout the years regarding the stair cases history and religious background. The mixture between the unanswered questions concerning the history of the staircase and its baffling architecture captured through photography throughout the years cause the stair case to be a focal point of many curious tourist minds in Santa Fe. The Chapel of Loretto was finished in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1878. The chapel was beautiful, but it was missing a way to access the choir loft that was twenty-two feet up. Upset by this, the nuns of the chapel prayed to Saint Joseph the “Master Carpenter” (Helix to Heaven). According to sources, on the ninth day of the sisters praying a stranger showed up with a donkey and carpentry tools to help with the predicament. He built the beautiful helical staircase that still stands today in a bout six months, and then vanished before

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