The Discovery Of The Tomb

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Introduction In ancient Egypt, a boy dies mysteriously. Quickly buried in a small tomb, he lies peacefully, undisturbed. Thousands of years later, in February 1922, a man named Howard Carter finds the boy 's tomb. Named the discovery of the century, the discovery of the tomb answers so many questions, but creates a mystery that takes its place in the world 's greatest unsolved mysteries. I selected the topic of Tutankhamun because I have an interest in Egyptian pharaohs, and Tutankhamun 's mystery intrigues me. Tutankhamun came to throne at only about eight or nine years old. About ten years later, he dies. How? Some theories include a chariot accident, he was murdered, or died from disease. This research report will include the events before Tutankhamun 's life that led to him becoming king, his short reign, death, the chain of events that Tutankhamun caused after his death, and jump ahead in the timeline to his discovery thousands of years later. The Six Lenses - Overview Geography Ancient Egypt had the world’s largest river, the Nile River, running right through it. Most people lived in the fertile soil near the Nile, called the Nile Valley. The Nile is over 4000 miles long, which is as long as traveling from California to Georgia and back again. The Nile is actually two rivers, the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The White Nile starts in Central Africa, and the Blue Nile starts in East Africa. The Nile provided the Ancient Egyptians with water for drinking and

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