The Discovery Of The True Religion Of God

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The first point which led to the discovery of the true religion of God lies in the latitude allowed by God to choose for itself what the religion of righteousness is. No religion can be true simply because it has been inherited. In other words, this is not because our parents followed this religion that we received from them that should make us feel obligated to comply with the application and consider this religion such as righteousness. Truth cannot be defined by the majority but by the essence of truth itself which derive from the creator. For example, Adolf Hitler killed over six million Jews that was accepted by the majority even though it was a wrong doing. God has endowed man with the reason why he should be able to perform the correct choices in all aspects of his life. However, people generally use their intelligence in their worldly life and forget for what is their spiritual life. They often accept very willingly the religious practices the most ridiculous simply because they are part of a tradition inherited from generation after generation. However, the fact that we are born in different religious traditions is the divine will. Also, will he neither reward nor punish the men for the religion that they have been educated to follow in their childhood. In contrast, each man is invited to reflect on his situation and to choose what the appropriate channel is; in fact, to do this, we should have a set of criteria to determine objectively what the religion of
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