The Discovery Of The World War II

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As it is known, World War II went on between 1939 and 1945. Many would think that the export and production of oil would decrease, but the exact opposite happened. During World War II Egypt was close to almost doubling its output of oil despite the conflicts that were going on around the globe. Along with the great production and output of oil from Egypt, after World War II the success of oil discovery continued. “The first post-war exploration success came in 1946 when Anglo-Egyptian Oilfields Ltd. in partnership with Socony-Vacuum oil Co., struck oil in a wildcat well at Sudr, on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula” (Middle East Reservoir Review 23). This well soon proved to be crucial in the next two years after the war, it was…show more content…
Unfortunately, when drilling began in these areas the tests wells that were set in place came down and sunk. This was a setback for the companies who had started drilling, but soon after the failed attempts new technology and equipment was used in the field that later proved to be a great new method of producing excellent results when exploring for oil. Time went on and companies swarmed Suez and the Sinai Peninsula in hopes of being successful and striking oil. The going went well for three years after World War II, once 1948 came around there was changes coming that would impact the oil industry of Egypt. The Egyptian Government passed a new law in the year of 1948. As taken from the article “Middle East Reservoir Review” the law stated, “This prohibited exports of crude oil, allowing only the products refined in Egyptian plants to be sold abroad” (23). This impacted all companies who were drilling in Egypt at the time especially those who were international companies, one of those companies being Shell. Any oil that was produced by a non-Egyptian seller was not allowed; therefore only oil that was produced from Egyptian plants was viable for exportation. When this new law was imposed, Shell was quickly to react as they asked the Egyptian government to allow the company to expand the refinery they had in Suez from which they were producing at the moment, all so the company could have more production power in order to meet the needs of the rate of
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