The Discovery of Radioactivity and its Effects Essay

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During the 1800’s, the late 1800’s, scientist discovered radioactivity. The study of radio activity became a phenomenon amongst scientist during this time period. With the discovery of new elements polonium and radium by Marie and Pierre Curie, the use of radioactivity to probe the center of an atom, provided the instructions of a nuclear weapon that will kill innocent Japanese, leaving there face disfigured, and permanently changed. The majority of people know of the effect of radioactivity but not how it was discovered and its close relation to physics.
The discovery of radioactivity can also be referred to the dawn of the nuclear age. Many scientist, were interested in satisfying their curiosity and began to explore nature and the
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Just like the other scientist before him, he performed experiments to satisfy his curiosity about radioactivity. Rutherford first, bombarded gold foil in particles from a radioactive source. Rutherford saw that some of the particles seeming through the gold foil. Rutherford concluded that matter was made up of empty space, but there was also a small dense portion of matter that deflected the particles. He defined this dense area as being a nucleus. Through this finding, we were able to find discoveries that lead to the discovery of radioactivity. Some people argue that radioactivity should not be used at all mainly because it harms people and fatal, while others say that it should be used for weapons in a war. From the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 the effect of radioactivity waves are clear. The effects of radioactivity are not always through a nuclear bomb. Radioactive waves are transmitted through the sun and cosmic radiation. This simply means that people at higher elevations such as the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado mountains are more expose to radioactive waves compared to people that live on or at sea level. Radioactive waves are also transmitted through some fabricated technology, soil, and rocks. The majority of people pose the question why do doctors or nurses where aprons when giving an x-ray. This is to protect them from radioactive waves. Nurses give countless numbers of x-rays a day. While you
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