The Discovery of a Time Capsule

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DISCOVERY OF A TIME CAPSULE DISCOVERY OF A TIME CAPSULE PEOPLE AND TIME Time defines how people fashion, behave and live. On the other hand, there are a few times in history that are shaped by famous personalities and known as 'their age'. 1960 was a major year in the political history of America as we know through internet sources. Yet, the time capsule we recently found shows us much more than that. It tells us things besides the stats and numbers. It tells us about the thoughts, feelings and emotions of people as well as their culture. It cannot be said for sure who buried the time capsule and for what purpose. The time capsule was safe enough to keep the records for historical records. The time capsule we found had some interesting and some strange items in it. It indicated about the social, political and technological situation of the country. ITEMS IN TIME CAPSULE Back in history, there were not electric portable devices to keep track of history. Only a few details could be saved in the form of writing or pictures. The videos were not of good quality thus the technology was in making. The time capsule saved in 1960 that we found in 2325 contains following five items: 1.A love letter from one of early 3,500 American soldiers sent to wage war on Vietnam: When the first troops moved to Vietnam, they only thing they knew was that Vietnam is a communist country and the soldiers were entering war to save America. The war took the life of about 2.5 million
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