The Discrimination Of A Male Dominant Company

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Throughout these difficult times in America we have all been faced with things that are more than unfavorable. However, I am pleased to say that the people I have the pleasure to work around and work with don 't fit into that category. Like most they have their complaints and have witness or been a part of things that they don 't necessarily agree with like the current election, blatant racism in society, or the general unfairness so many of us are subject to. I hate to say it but it 's hard to remain above the nonsense. Most of my coworkers are people of color and they enjoyed being American and living in America. In my research the answers were different between my two interviewees but they were very similar in some ways, this was probably because I interviewed a male and female however, I wanted to get two different views from the opposite sex. The company that we work for is a software company, made up of mostly men and maybe about 5% women. Working in a male dominant company can be difficult for any woman. However, my first interviewee Anusha remains strong doesn 't let anyone push her around which was one of the reasons I decided to interview her.
What I first noticed about both interviewees were that they were both so pleased to be in America. I sometimes feel as if Americans take living in America for granted, we never truly understand what it feels like to be without. Both of my interviewees’ were excited and happy to do me this favor. They both were appreciative

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