The Discrimination Of Female Applicants

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To behave and treat servicewomen with respect and entitlement and those who recruit to display no discrimination to female applicants. We have to approach the recruitment steps since discrimination can easily begin here. Secondly, we have to implement a no tolerance policy concerning rape and discrimination in the United States Military and to hold all those accountable who don’t follow the new regulations. There should be no exceptions to these rules; an illustration to this declaration is when kin intervention occurs. Those who have a political or financial platform tend to use their positions to exclude their family members from undergoing certain circumstances. “It is hard to escape the suspicion that Bush got an easy ride through the guard.
At the time he did his years in uniform, his father was a prominent Texas congressman, a fact not lost on his commanding officers, who seemed, in the latter years of his service, disinclined to demand regular attendance. "I 'd have to have been an idiot not to know about [Bush 's parentage]," says Lieutenant-Colonel Albert Lloyd Jr, a retired personnel officer whose signature is on documents released by the White House this week apparently confirming Bush 's service.
"Bush is sworn into the National Guard and there is his father, Congressman Bush, standing beside him. It was a good chance for unit publicity” (Goldenberg).
Reporting rape is currently not anonymous, there has to be a secure, safe, unbiased and…
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