The Discrimination Of Teen Hispanic Discrimination

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Teen Hispanic Discrimination There are many stereotypes and racist remarks in today’s world. This essay will specifically be describing the discrimination towards teenage Hispanics. Many Hispanics are discriminated in today’s society. Discrimination and racism can emotionally scar a person. Many Hispanic teens dropout out of high school due to discrimination. Other Hispanic teens gain depression due to discrimination. Several other Hispanic teens even share their own personal stories about themselves being discriminated. Discrimination is an atrocity and this essay will be more of an informative essay to explain the barbarity of racial discrimination, specifically towards teenage Hispanics. I have a personal experience towards this topic so I will be sharing my own personal story towards this issue. Discrimination has become a grave dilemma and there has to be a solution to end this reoccurring situation. Many people see the crimes of racial discrimination occurring right in front of their faces, but they do nothing. Those people who just watch and ignore this grave problem are supporters for this issue because instead of putting an end to racial discrimination, those people just let it occur as if it is normal. I always question myself the same questions repeatedly; who has the right to look down upon a different race? What makes one race superior to another? Why is racism an issue? These are the most interesting questions to me, which makes a person think of today’s
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