The Discussion And Analysis Of Delta Air Lines Essay

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This recap is in reference to the paper submitted on September 20th, 2016 the discussion and analysis of Delta Air Lines was a continuance of systems theory evaluation of September 13, 2016 of the problem of effective communication in an organization and interdivisional effectiveness resulting in obsolete and poor transference of information. This occurred when strategic decisions closed out or altered promotional programs for stakeholders including clients. This alteration of policies evoked confusion within employee hierarchy effecting correct information aligning with strategic management’s decision-making plans miss aliening key cross divisional disruption of delivering goods and services to the shareholders. As previously outlined, short-term divisional goals mandated individual performance has taken precedence over divisional objectives thereby influencing strategic decision-making.
Discussion included solutions from a broad perspective within the network approach mandating feedback interdivisional boundaries. Independent divisional reporting to management can result in individual and interdivisional specific performance in benefits and drawbacks regarding identifying cooperation of promotional changes between divisions of the organization. Reciprocally, negative effects of employee performance result in reflection of misaligning of gaps between independent divisional relations, procedures, and standards. A macro level restraint in interpersonal outcomes with in return

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