The Discussion Of Teaching Sex Education

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The discussion of teaching sex education in classrooms were brought up as early as 1912. Movies that are used in sex education can alter the way teens think of sex. The films used in sex education portrays the different relationships that are created. The history of sex education in North America is a history of prohibition and has been concerned with limiting the scope of sexuality its ideas, affects, movements and practices. In sex education schools create a space in which students and teachers can potentially think together about the pleasures and risks of sexuality. However, in school-based sex education for youth, especially though but not only in North America, when it comes to talking about sex thoughts of teenage pregnancy, AIDS,…show more content…
All of these subjects can be learned about using sex educational movies. Showing just a rated R sex movie is not educational and will not explain the risk and dangers as opposed to an educational film. The students probably know that there is a significant amount of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that they can catch while engaging in sexual activities. The movies can help break down the reasons for catching the disease, what to do to prevent catching the disease, and how to treat their selves if they in fact do catch an STD. This will inform students that there is more to what they think they already know. Thinking is something other than compliance it is an engagement with uncertainty and doubt and as I explore in this study, it is entangled in the affective histories of sexuality that inspire the capacity to think while also unsettling the wish for understanding. Most parents have the “Birds and Bees” talk with their children but they are doing the same as a teacher giving the child a lecture. If the parents were to show their child a video about sex it would be more interesting to the child and actually have an effect on the child’s mind and thinking process. According to the article “Sex and the Cinema: what American Pie teaches the young” Researchers have found virtually no evidence that sex education causes students to change their behavior in one direction or
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