The Disease Is A Killer Disease

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Introduction Numerous people all around the globe are suffering from cancer. It is a killer disease. Research have shown that the disease is on the rise. Various causes of this trend include lifestyle and change in the environment. Any attempt to get failure has accompanied a long-term solution to the problem (Wu, Yang, Vogtmann, Wang, Han, Li & Xiang, 2013). The disease moves around the body and affects the functionality of healthy body cells. The trend of this killer disease does not seem to end. It accounts for over one million deaths in the USA. The disease is ranked second among causes of deaths in the USA. The figures are high worldwide, and the World Health Organization have a bigger task to handle. Assuming I wake up one day after…show more content…
Other would choose to take the medication and improve their chances of survival. The key ethical dilemma exists in making the decision. The introduction of this drug is a topic that requires close analysis. It has failed to produce satisfactory performance during trials and hence poses some level of risk to the patients. Key issues surround its course. Medical ethics requires that a medical decision satisfies fundamental principles which include, not harming a patient, promoting their wellbeing, a just health care system, and autonomy. The key ethical argument in this context is whether I should release the medicine for use. Releasing the drug will come with critical consequences. Patients with severe health conditions should get help to reduce their suffering. However, they should have the right to decide whether they want to consume the product or not. They should act as key decision makers and should be advised accordingly before taking the drug. Since the drug have not yet been proved functional and safe, ethics call for health practitioners to inform patients about the pros and cons of the drug. This argument assumes that the cancer patient has the capability to make an informed decision before deciding whether or not to consume the drug. The medical staffs should allow patients to do a risk assessment to decide whether to use the drug or not. This approach, however, could lead to a different argument. A cancer
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