The Disease Known as Diabetes

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It is characterized by high blood sugar, brought on either because the pancreas is not producing enough of a hormone called insulin, which helps remove glucose from the blood, or because the cells are unresponsive to the insulin that is being produced. Three symptoms that result from this high blood sugar are polyuria, or frequent urination, polydipsia, or increased thirst, and polyphagia, or increased appetite. When the body cannot produce insulin, this is called type 1 diabetes. People with this type of diabetes usually have to inject insulin or wear an insulin pump. In contrast, when cells simply cannot use insulin correctly, the patient has type 2 diabetes. This is usually treated by increasing exercise or making adjustments to the diet, which should lower blood sugar. Finally, a third type of diabetes called gestational diabetes occurs only in pregnant women. These women have not been previously diagnosed with diabetes, rather, they have developed high blood sugar during their pregnancy. If not effectively treated by making changes to the diet, gestational diabetes can be a precursor to type 2 diabetes as well as childhood obesity and eventual diabetes in the infant. Of all cases of diabetes, only about five to ten percent are type 1. Even so, more and more people worldwide are being diagnosed every year, and the effects of the disorder are very serious if not severe on both the…
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