The Disease Spread Like Wildfire (Osterath)

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“The disease spread like wildfire” (Osterath). As the year 2014 went along more and more people knew that Ebola was as serious of a disease as any. Ebola started in Sierra Leone a country in West Africa. The first case was recorded in March 23, 2014 “It was the largest and longest ebola outbreak in history” (Osterath). The disease itself is relatively old as it was first seen in 1976 in the country of Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ebola comes from people eating wild animals like bats and monkeys who are the natural carrier of the disease. The disease is most commonly transmitted by blood and other bodily fluids.The Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone was one of the worst outbreaks in history. Ebola killed thousands of people and left the country and its people in a constant state of chaos. When this disease was first identified it had only affected a few hundred people.As 2014 went along thousands of people were getting killed by it. Most of the people that diagnosed with Ebola are scared to go and get treated.As…show more content…
With the money from the donations more beds and medication were sent to hospitals.The victims of this disease finally started to have hope in winning the battle against Ebola. Even with all this upside, there were also other effects to ebola receiving so much attention. As “people stopped receiving health care for other diseases like Malaria, that causes more deaths yearly than Ebola” (BBC). This was a huge problem as Malaria is one of the biggest and deadliest diseases and less attention was going to it because of the hospitals being too busy mostly treating Ebola victims. Malaria victims felt shunned and had to take a back seat as they had to stop Ebola before it spread to more
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