The Disease That Slowly Kills You…Diabetes. Brenda Gonzalez.

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The disease that slowly kills you…Diabetes Brenda Gonzalez Allan Hancock College Instructor: Eileen Donnelly Abstract Diabetes has being around for many centuries and it’s still a current problem in our society. There is two types of diabetes type I and type II. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease and the usual treatment is insulin. With type I diabetes the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin a hormone that is necessary for the body; it’s important since it acts like a taxi because it facilitates the ride of sugar (glucose). Glucose is important to the cells because they rely on glucose for energy. Insulin helps the body to balance the glucose levels: by not letting the body become hyperglycemic (high sugar levels) or…show more content…
Diabetes has been around for many years and even though our healthcare system in the United States is better than many years ago, it’s still a current problem that our society has to deal with. We have better understanding of diabetes and we don’t have doctors tasting the patients’ urine, instead we have lab test that can tell a story on the potential diagnoses that a person might have. Five years ago Ofelia a 58 year old female, got diagnosed with type II diabetes and hypertension. Her early symptoms that she had before being diagnosed with diabetes were feeling thirsty all the time. Ofelia stated, “Even though I kept drinking a lot of water, I was still thirsty. I would constantly have to go to the bathroom. I was tired all the time” (O.Navarro , personal interview, March 17,2017). When Ofelia was diagnosed with diabetes her blood sugar reading was at 525mg/dL. Ofelia has limited resources since she lives in Mexico: when she was first diagnosed she would go to the government clinic. She stated, “My diabetes was not in control. Every time I went to the clinic I would have different doctors who kept on changing my medications. I felt like nothing was controlling it and no one talked to me about how to control it” (O.Navarro, personal interview, March 17, 2017). The only thing that the doctors would tell Ofelia, was to walk and to cut down on the salts, but never

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