The Disenchanted Research Paper

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Research paper: The Disenchanted F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life and work were in a knot from the start; his profession spanned one of the most tumultuous eras of the century, and from the very start he was the creator and the victim of the new culture of celebrity which accompanied the rise of modern technology. Budd Schulberg masterfully created a character that closely and in many ways represents Fitzgerald in his later years; Manley Halliday is that character. “His mind’s eye, incurably bifocal, could never stop searching for the fairy-tale maiden who made his young manhood a time of bewitchment, when springtime was the only season and the days revolved on a lovers’ spectrum of sunlight, twilight, candlelight and dawn.”[Ch.10]. Fitzgerald…show more content…
His colloquial dialogue, vital ideological protests on behalf of human dignity, and feeling for the family were distinctive ( Lindbergh on the other hand reflected the dichotomy of the era “our Lindy, the blue-eyed boy, the Lone Eagle etc…” [1930s, p.53]. In the book, Shep and Halliday discuss this “And we had Lindy. God how we loved Lindy. Maybe that’s what’s gone—that capac¬ity for abstract love. Anyway, it seems rather symbolic, doesn’t it, your Charles A. Lindbergh, the appeaser and our Lindy, the blue-eyed boy, the Lone Eagle, Horatio Alger in an airship conquering space." [Ch. 5] T.S Eliot’s famous poem The Waste Land depicts society as being a part of an unfruitful cycle. “Human beings are isolated, and sexual relations are sterile and meaningless” [The Wasteland;]. In one excerpt from the poem “presents the voice of a countess looking back on her pre-World War I youth as a lovelier, freer, more romantic time. Her voice is followed by a solemn description of present dryness when "the dead tree gives no shelter." [The Wasteland;]. In the novel, Shep contemplates death “Was failure inevitable and tragic? Or merely the biggest and last of the bad breaks? Would death, like the unfinished manuscript—another broken promise—be the final symbol?” [Ch. 24] The Wasteland has a
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