The Disitive And Positive Effects Of Geotourism In Thailand

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Effects of Geotourism in Thailand In Thailand, there are so many different kinds of tourisms such as ecotourism, marine ecotourism, and geotourism. The meaning of geotourism is to travel to a natural developing environment and maintaining the environment. People have the desire to travel and develop environments at the same time. There are both positive and negative effects that concern the environment. Some positive effects include increasing tourist numbers and raising the local people’s income. A negative effect would be destroying a beautiful environment.
One effect of geotourism is increasing tourist numbers. When the environment becomes more beautiful from geotourism, tourists would want to travel more. First, people want to travel
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Geotourism helped develop the environment to be more beautiful, so tourists will go to Thailand more. To begin with, tourists spend money to buy souvenirs and food. When tourists come to Thailand, they will shop in many stores where they might want to buy souvenirs for themselves or other people who will make the local people acquire more income. Increasing tourism will make the locals get more profits because they will need to buy food to eat. People cannot live without food. For example, when I travel in Thailand, I always buy food around my surroundings. When many tourists travel, they will buy food as well which will cause increasing the local people’s income. Purchasing a tour is also a big part in increasing the local people’s income. When people go to Thailand, tours are sold out at a fast pace. If geotourism maintains the environment, people will go to Thailand more which will make the tours to sell faster. Thus, local people will get more money from the tourists. For example, when I was in Thailand, I travelled to so many places. I went to Chiang Mai, which is a popular city. Many people travel there by following geotourism philosophy, which makes the city become more beautiful. I went there with my family, which I learned about history of environment from a guided tour. It was so crowded that it made local profits increase at a rapid pace. The more tourist numbers will cause the more the local people’s
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