The Disitive And Positive Impacts Of Globalization

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Globalisation Introduction Globalisation is considered one of the greatest milestones that have happened to the world. Before 25 years, no one imagines that s/he can buy a shirt or even a mobile cover from a different country and it will be shipped in few days. Although the term globalisation is founded in the nineteenth century, the application of this concept become obvious and widely use in the last 25 years (Dicken, 2007). The next section of this report defines globalisation term. The third section mentions some of the positive and negative impacts of globalisations. The fourth section discusses the impacts of globalisation on business operation. Finally, the last section concludes the report. 1. What is globalisation? Many researchers and organisations have defined the term globalisation. For instance, The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) defines globalisation as “the ongoing process that is linking people, neighbourhoods, cities, regions and countries much more closely together than they have ever been” (UNESCO, 2010). Furthermore, Parker B. defines gloabalisation as “a process whereby worldwide interconnections in virtually every sphere of activity are growing” (Parker, 2005: 5). In general, most of the…show more content…
Furthermore (Scholte, 2005) argues that globalisation supported by right policy decision can produce a positive impact of globalisation. Positive impacts can be concluded in increasing the relation between nations from several sides e.g. socially, cultural, scientifically..etc. sharing knowledge helps to prosperity in several life domains such as helping to find a new cure to incurable diseases, also support the inventions in different fields. The increasing of trade competition leads to produce new products with high quality to gain the customers satisfaction. The boom of some countries contributes in increasing the income of their

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