The Disney Company : A Mass Media Corporation, And Family Entertainment Service

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Essay Statement
 In this essay I will look at the corporate company The Walt Disney Company, and explore the marketing decisions, and nature of the brand design, and its value to the company. 

Brief Overview The Walt Disney Company is a mass media corporation, and family entertainment service founded on October 16, 1923 by Walt Disney, and his older brother, Roy Disney based in Burbank, California. The company, whose name is commonly shortened to ‘Disney’ operates on a global basis, in both established, and emerging markets covering North and Latin America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Russia, and Pacific Asia. Employing approximately 175,000 staff members, and cast members, they are each an extension to the world, and brand that…show more content…
Brand Performance In determining the present situation of the brand I have, and will continue to apply the Micro Environment, and Macro Environment analysis to the brand, The Walt Disney Company. The company has a continuous growth every year in revenue. In 2012 their revenue was $42,278 Million Dollars, and in following years this grew to $45,041 in 2013, and in present 2014, $48,813. Consumers purchase the brand, because Disney provides customer satisfaction by understanding what the market wants, therefore building profitable relationships that keep the customer coming back to the brand. The company’s slogan is ‘Where Dreams Come True’, and the customers, especially their core audience; children, believe in this through the brands authentic products, and services they extend. Demographic forces that factor into the brands overall performance, include geographic locations of their consumer, and brand base, and how the brand interacts with them. Disney products “are produced in over 29,000 facilities in more than 100 countries” and because of this they “face unique and significant challenges in monitoring performance against our high expectations and requirements” (Disney Citizenship, 2013). With Disney operating in a large number of countries world wide, it would be expected that they maintain customer
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