The Disney film Pocahontas can be viewed as a false portrayal of American history. Although it may

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The Disney film Pocahontas can be viewed as a false portrayal of American history. Although it may have been made for entertainment purposes, Pocahontas is regarded to be a coming of age film for children due to its didacticism. The life lessons that one could possibly take away from the film are considerably positive, but the depiction of Native American and European cultures is deceitful. Most Disney films involve “epic romances,” in the case of Pocahontas one is not necessarily needed to convey the message of the film. Even though historical films cannot always be accurate to actual events, this film manages to stray away from the actual historical story of Pocahontas entirely. Due to this, children are presented with false information…show more content…
Disney not only fictionalizes accounts from American history, but romanticizes them as well. Since the film is directed towards children, many of them do not learn the real history of Pocahontas before watching the film thus believing the scripted story to be factual. The European men in the film all look like individuals whereas the Native Americans all look the same making it harder to differentiate between them. This could symbolize the idea that all Native Americans are the same in personality and behavior. Pocahontas was the only one in the film that stood out from the pack, she was the exception. Great emphasis is put on imagination and emotions to assist in decision making as the older neoclassical approach of using intellect is rejected. Aside from the lack of historical accuracy, Pocahontas still teaches its viewers multiple life lessons. The main lesson for children that comes across is the idea that being an individual should be embraced. All of the Native Americans are quick to hide and prepare for battle when they see that Europeans have started taking over their land. Pocahontas is the only one who gives the Englishmen a chance to talk and share their story as to why they have come here. Pocahontas rebels against her family's wishes and ends up saving John Smith from death and the entire village from a bloody and violent battle. She does follow the herd and embraces her uniqueness
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