The Disorder Of Down Syndrome

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Have you ever wonder or questioned the disorder of down syndrome? According to many National Down Syndrome Society within the United States, Down syndrome has occurred one out of eight hundred births. It is the most frequent form of mental retardation and characterized by well-defined events and distinctive features. It’s a lifelong disorder caused by a genetic defeat that’s none curable. It takes people with patients and kind hearts to care for people with Down syndrome disorder.
In the late nineteenth century John Langdon Down, an English physician published the description of a person with Down syndrome. In 1866 his scholarly work was published that gave him the name “father” of Down syndrome. Where in 1959 the French physician Jerome Lejeune identified Down syndrome as a chromosomal condition. Therefore meaning the usual forty-six chromosomes present in each human cell, Lejeune observed forty seven in the cells of individuals with Down syndrome. It was determined that an extra partial or whole copy of chromosome twenty-one results on the characteristics associated with Down syndrome. Lejeune studies demonstrated that genetic defects not only were caused by mutation of single genes but also could be associated with changes in chromosome number. Most of these abnormalities result in fetal death, with only a few resulting in live birth.
Down syndrome is a congenital abnormality characterized in a human that has a form of intellectual disability by…
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