The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin

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The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin is a criticism of today’s capitalism by investigating what society structure would be best for human society. Le Guin uses the two models of capitalism and communism to be compared and contrasted against one another to determine which would function better and how to achieve such success. In order to depict what a replacement structure would look like; Le Guin creates two worlds to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of influence that each of these models have not only on their society, but on Shevek, the main character. The planet of Urras is a wealthy society, but all of this money is in the hands of the elites at the expense of those in the lower, working class. Their power continues to be protected by state figures as they work hand in hand adjusting society structures to benefit themselves and not every other citizen left into poverty. The moon of Urras is Anarres which is a stateless society that is continuously stagnant and has been in such a position for several decades. Although Anarres is described as the better world out of the two, the subtitle of the novel “An Ambiguous Utopia” indicates that there are some downfalls to this seemingly perfect society. This is a world of devastation with majority of their citizens in poverty and forced to work in jobs that they are not suited for and ultimately hate. The working class is a necessity for this planet to be sustained despite their bleak living conditions and weaknesses. Its

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