The Dispute Of Communism Vs. Capitalism

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The dispute of communism vs. capitalism
Coming from an Americans perspective it is difficult to comprehend that anything other than democracy, a mixed system, and the way the United States operates would be suitable. However, this is exactly why I very much enjoyed this task. While at first I was reluctant to believe that there are any pros of either system due to the constant negative stereotypes linked with each system, I am now able to broaden my horizon and see things from a different perspective. After conducting some research I was able to see that there are indeed some benefits to both communism and capitalism. While I managed to see these pros, the cons were still very prevalent and prove just why a mixed system works best in the world we live in today. When it comes down to comparing the two systems though, based upon the information that I gathered, I would say that I prefer capitalism highly to communism.
Communism was initially established way back with the ancient Greeks in attempt to essentially create a more equal state. Since then it has passed the test of time, but is being used less and less to date. Communism on paper seems like a great idea; everyone receiving the same wages. Therefore, there is no drastic range of rich or poor people. However, in practice, this is not the actual truth. The problem that occurs here is that once this is set in place nobody can ever make any economical improvements. So, in a predominantly lower class society poverty will…
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