The Dissection Of A Poorly Defined Concept

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In searching for understanding in nursing, the dissection of a poorly defined concept often results in subsequent reflection and action toward comprehension (Bousso, Poles, & De Almeida Lopes Monteiro Da Cruz, 2014). Greater nursing knowledge is gained through the clarification of ambiguous concepts by exhaustive examination of particularly clinically relevant phenomenon. This knowledge can then be later extrapolated to develop new theories or simply be reformulated to refine concepts (Bousso et al., 2014). In analyzing quality of life (QOL), this writing attempts to reveal a more solidified and practical definition by evaluating the concepts common themes across various literature sources. The concepts universal attributes,…show more content…
The dimensions were specifically chosen to allow measurement through specific indicators and included both objective and subjective factors. The subjective factors focused primarily on perceptions of cognitive appreciation, emotional states and the presence of meaning and purpose (Eurostat, 2015).
A bit more simply, the Global Development and Research Center defines QOL as subjective well-being that is directly correlated with the difference between hope and expectation of a person and their immediate life experience (Global Development Research Center [GDRC], n.d.).
The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines and measures the QOL as happiness and subjective expression of well-being with a focus on life satisfaction, positive experiences and emotions and the absence of negative experiences and emotions (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OEDC], n.d.). Finally, a systemic review of the analysis of QOL in nursing yields no specific definition, but rather alludes to particular dimensions and facets that, when combined, comprise QOL (Fulton, Miller, & Otte, 2012). The facets mentioned include both subjective and objective dimensions that concentrate on an individual sense of well-being, personal values, happiness, satisfaction and functioning (Fulton et al., 2012).
In healthcare, the centers for disease control define QOL as a multidimensional concept that

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