The Dissemination Of The Gospel

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There are many opinions and philosophies concerning the dissemination of the Gospel. Some believe that spreading the Gospel is unnecessary because God chooses a select few to be saved, and that these “elect” are unable to resist God’s grace. Others teach that “lifestyle evangelism” is the correct method of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Still others believe that the proper approach of sharing the Gospel is through door-to-door soul winning and through preaching and teaching in the church. One person’s approach to the Gospel that has been widely debated is that of Anne Marbury Hutchinson. Anne was born to a clergyman influenced by the Puritan leaders. Francis Marbury, Anne’s father, disagreed with the church of England and got into trouble with the Anglican leaders on separate occasions. Her father taught Anne the Bible, as a result she received a better education than most of the girls in her time.

Anne Marbury married the son of merchant named William Hutchinson, they had more than a dozen children together. The Hutchinson followed the teachings of the Puritan church, specifically a reverend named John Cotton. The Reverend John Cotton was driven out of the Anglican church because of his Puritan ideology. Reverend Cotton and his wife left England to pursue a ministry in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. William and Anne Hutchinson followed their spiritual mentor to the New World a year later. Due to Anne’s involvement as a midwife and herbalist, she became well-known
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